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Founded in 1995, Julie Byrne Interiors, LLC, is located in Birmingham, Michigan offering residential interior design for new home builds, renovations including kitchens, baths, and additions, or just room makeovers.

Sole Proprietor Julie Byrne, and her team of skilled professionals meet the individual needs of each project, determined budget, and timeline to achieve her overall design vision for her clients.


At Julie Byrne Interiors, Julie works in a variety of design styles, which allows her to meet a range of client needs, interests, and budgets.  Julie is committed to giving her clients a “teamwork” approach in all phases of the design process, which fosters collaboration and communication among the various trades, working to achieve the highest quality and satisfaction for her customers.  She prides herself on seeing her jobs through to their completion, whether it is designing a new home entirely, re-doing a single area, or just assisting with color schemes to refresh an older space.  She is able to make use of a client’s existing pieces that she then updates—or relocates—to combine with new furnishings she selects at a good value.

Julie’s success as an interior designer is a result of her working closely with her clients in a partnership to translate their concerns, understand their interests, determine a working budget, and establish a time frame to create beautiful and functional spaces they will love and appreciate. Her hands-on attitude often creates lasting friendships with clients, who contact her for repeat business—whether it be for a vacation home or second residence.  Julie’s attention to detail, artistic eye, keen color sense enable her to offer thoughtful solutions to both small and large projects.  Often her clients will call her to simply ask for entertaining advice on table setting or decor when hosting a dinner party.

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